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Insurance Required -Type Specific Training


If you own an aircraft that requires annual insurance required recurrent training, you have two options. You can attend one of the many simulator based schools and take their program or you can find an instructor who provides insurance accepted training to you in your aircraft.

There is certainly nothing wrong with simulator training. There are things you can safely do in the sim that you just can’t duplicate in the airplane.

But most sim’s don’t emulate the instrument panel in your plane, and the buttons and switches won’t be in the same place. Furthermore, a sim just doesn’t fly like the plane. If the only time that you are practicing air work in a year is during recurrent training, I advocate doing it in the plane.

I provide insurance accepted training in the following types;


300 -400 Series Cessna Twins- All

King Air 90 - 200

Pilatus PC-12

BE-60 Duke

PA-46 Series-All



All non-pressurized piston singles and twins.


Your location or mine.


You have questions? I have answers!

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