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My Background

Private Aircraft

The Full Story

I had a terrible time getting my private pilot’s rating. The local flight school I went to was typical of flight schools everywhere. The instructors were all young guys and gals looking to log time so they could move on to better-paying flying jobs, and they were not particularly interested in being good flight instructors.   


Trying to fit that in while running a business was a logistical balancing act for me and virtually impossible to coordinate a workable schedule with the instructor and a rental airplane. I nearly walked away from aviation more than once. Fortunately, I was befriended by a business associate who had been a Naval Aviator and flew combat in Vietnam. He guided me through my flight training and encouraged me to buy my first airplane.       


I promised myself that as soon as I could afford to do it I would obtain an instructor's rating and maybe I could save some other poor soul from having a similar experience to mine and walking away from aviation. I've been a flight instructor since 1988.

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