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I had a terrible time getting my private pilot’s rating. The local flight school I went to was typical of flight schools everywhere. The instructors were all young guys and gals looking to log time so they could move on to better paying flying jobs, and they were not particularly interested in being good flight instructors.   


Trying to fit that in while running a business was a logistical balancing act for me and virtually impossible to coordinate a workable schedule with the instructor and a rental airplane. I nearly walked away from aviation more than once. Fortunately, I was befriended by a business associate who had been a Naval Aviator and flew combat in Vietnam. He guided me through my flight training and encouraged me to buy my first airplane.       


I promised myself, as soon as I could afford to do it I would obtain an instructors rating and maybe I could save some other poor soul from having a similar experience to mine and walking away from aviation.


Since 1989 I have taught people to fly in all kinds of aircraft. I am qualified to teach instrument flying multiengine flying, commercial flying and aerobatics. I have given instruction in every type of aircraft from a Piper J-3 Cub to a Citation Jet.


     I am proud to say that in 23 years of teaching, I have had a student fail a check ride, or a written exam a total of three times. My youngest solo student soloed at age 16, while my oldest student received his private pilot’s license on his 69th birthday. I have plenty of satisfied students you can call and speak with if you need a reference.


     I own a beautiful Piper Seneca that I teach multi engine flying in, and I also own a tricked out Mooney M20J that I teach instrument and commercial ratings in and use it for commercial students to get their complex time. All my aircraft are well equipped and in perfect condition.


     The average private pilot student gets their license in approximately 60 flight hours. It may take you more time or less time depending on your availability to train and do ground school. Instrument ratings take approximately 40 hours. We fly in real weather, in complex airspace and explore every failure scenario that we can safely explore in flight.


      I will tell you up front that I am not the cheapest way to get a flight rating. There are plenty of low budget schools out there who charge less. But I can guarantee that when I sign you off to take your check ride, you are both a current and capable pilot who can handle a real emergency. After all, flying a light plane and experiencing an engine failure for real is no time to be thinking “Gee, I should have spent the money....” I know you are going to have your family and friends on board with you and I want you to know that you are prepared for anything. 

I am available to train in your plane or mine. At
your place or mine.

You can reach me at 561-738-7056 or via e mail at

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