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Your Success

Since 1989 I have taught people to fly in all kinds of aircraft. I am qualified to teach instrument flying multiengine flying, commercial flying and aerobatics. I have given instruction in every type of aircraft from a Piper J-3 Cub to a Citation Jet.

What You Can Expect

  I own a very well equipped Mooney M20 that I teach instrument and commercial ratings in and use it for commercial students to get their complex time. All my aircraft are well equipped and in perfect condition.


     The average private pilot student gets their license in approximately 60 flight hours. It may take you more time or less time depending on your availability to train and do ground school. Instrument ratings take approximately 40 hours. We fly in real weather, in complex airspace and explore every failure scenario that we can safely explore in flight.


     I will tell you up front that I am not the cheapest way to get a flight rating. There are plenty of low budget schools out there who charge less. But I can guarantee that when I sign you off to take your check ride, you are both a current and capable pilot who can handle a real emergency. After all, flying a light plane and experiencing an engine failure for real is no time to be thinking “Gee, I should have spent the money....” I know you are going to have your family and friends on board with you and I want you to know that you are prepared for anything.  

Call me at 561 704 2008 to discuss your training needs! 

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