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Zero to PPL In Fourteen Days!

There are three parts to getting a Private Pilot rating. Ground school, flight training, and a check ride.

The ground school teaches you the knowledge you will need to pass the written exam. It is the academic portion of your flight training.  I integrate it with your flight training so that it is not purely esoteric knowledge, and it makes sense to you.

The first part of your flight training consists of mastering the machine and learning to take off and land. The typical flight student solos in about 15 flight hours. By solo I mean you will take off and land by yourself three times. Don’t worry, I’ll be standing right there beside the runway with a radio in my hand. Solo is a big deal and a huge accomplishment.

The second part of your flight training consists of cross-country flights. That means going places. First you go with me, then you go by yourself.

The last part of the flight training consists of some night training, some emergency instrument training, and preparation for your check ride.

The check ride consists of an oral examination and then you go out to fly with the examiner. His job is to make sure I’ve done my job. Once you pass your check ride you are a pilot!

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